Monday, June 27, 2016

Cost of Road Transport In Ethiopia

In this post, we will provide a comparative review of the cost of road transport in Ethiopia. A study from the World Bank shows the cost per kilometer of land transport along major port lines in Africa (SATN: Comparative Transit Transport Cost Analysis):

Distance (KM)
Cost (USD)
Cost Per KM
Djibouti-Addis Ababa
Dares Salaam - Kigali
Walvis Bay - Harare
Average in USA


Another study of the total cost of import from China to Addis Ababa finds that the sea freight unit cost applied for 20TEU containers from Chinese ports of Tianjin and Shanghai to Djibouti port was USD 1,500 and USD 1,315 respectively. And for the inland road transportation, the freight rates from Djibouti port to Modjo dry port ranges from 1,734 to 1,854 USD per 20TEU container. This means it costs more to truck a container from Djibouti to Addis Ababa, than to ship the same container from China to Djibouti. (Nathaniel C. 2015)

In general, the cost of transport on the Djibouti corridor is comparatively reasonable compared to other African corridors. However, distribution to other parts of the country remains quite high, and the total cost of import is very high as well. Since Ethiopia incurs port costs significantly higher than countries that have their own port, it is important to optimize the cost of domestic transportation. 

This is one of the reasons the EthioTrack GPS Fleet Management System is an important addition to the road transportation sector in Ethiopia, and aims to help companies and individuals save money in their logistics and transportation expenses.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Save Fuel with EthioTrack GPS System

EthioTrack GPS has advanced features for helping you save fuel. When running a large fleet, one of the main expenses is ongoing fuel costs. This is especially true in Ethiopia and East Africa where a number of factors add up to make fuel costs significant.

Our GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System for Ethiopia is designed with fuel management in mind. We help you accurately manage fuel in your vehicles, including:

  • How much fuel was added to the tank
  • Notification if there is fuel theft or leakage
  • How much fuel was consumed by vehicles

We use advanced fuel sensor technology, coupled with our Fleet Management Software to give you very detailed information about your fuel consumption.

With our fuel management system, you will get reports of fuel consumption in easy to understand formats. For more information about EthioTrack GPS Tracking and Fleet Management system, please contact us at our website

Welcome to EthioTrack Blog

We would like to welcome you to the EthioTrack Blog!

The EthioTrack GPS Tracking Platform is the most advanced GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System for Ethiopia and East Africa. EthioTrack was established in March 2011, and as of 2016, it has been operating in Ethiopia for over five years.

The EthioTrack GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System for Ethiopia provides many solutions to help vehicle owners manage their fleet. Some of the main advantages of EthioTrack include:
  • 24/7 location monitoring
  • Fuel management and control
  • Vehicle service and maintenance tracking
  • Vehicle theft prevention
  • Driver management
  • And more
EthioTrack is excited to provide advanced GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solutions for the Ethiopian market. We are the experts in GPS related services in Ethiopia, and you can reach our expert team in our Addis Ababa, Ethiopia office.