Thursday, May 26, 2016

Save Fuel with EthioTrack GPS System

EthioTrack GPS has advanced features for helping you save fuel. When running a large fleet, one of the main expenses is ongoing fuel costs. This is especially true in Ethiopia and East Africa where a number of factors add up to make fuel costs significant.

Our GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System for Ethiopia is designed with fuel management in mind. We help you accurately manage fuel in your vehicles, including:

  • How much fuel was added to the tank
  • Notification if there is fuel theft or leakage
  • How much fuel was consumed by vehicles

We use advanced fuel sensor technology, coupled with our Fleet Management Software to give you very detailed information about your fuel consumption.

With our fuel management system, you will get reports of fuel consumption in easy to understand formats. For more information about EthioTrack GPS Tracking and Fleet Management system, please contact us at our website

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